Domestic violence affects 1 in 4 women and is affecting more and more men each year. It destroys the homes of newlyweds as well as long marriages, the lives of both the rich and the poor, and it occurs in the lives of young people and old alike. Violence knows no boundaries and causes toxic and traumatizing anxiety and fear in more than just the life of the direct victim. Violence affects children, loved ones, and friends of victims too.

In 2017 alone, there were 269 Orders of Protection petitioned for in Monroe County, Tn. Unfortunately, it is believed that up to 70% of the domestic violence that occurs globally every day is never reported to anyone. This means that there are at least 900 additional victims of violence in Monroe County that did NOT report it, seek protection or get assistance!

Throughout the month of October, Monroe STOPe participates in the National Domestic Violence Awareness campaign by promoting awareness on a local level. There are many ways victims are honored, supported and educated throughout the process of these awareness activities. It is our belief that through individualized education, encouragement, and resource accessibility we can see an overall reduction in the number of Monroe County citizens who are affected by domestic violence.

The Teardrop Display

During October, the Monroe County Courthouse in downtown Madisonville will be adorned with teardrops hanging from the trees in representation of those victims who sought Orders of Protection in the previous year.

Silent Victim Displays

To serve as a voice for the “Silent Victims” there will be purple silhouettes distributed throughout our community, honoring silent victims in hopes they'll one day find the courage they need to speak out.

Wear Purple Day

Wear purple on OCTOBER 25, 2018 and send us a picture to be entered to win FREE BREAKFAST!!! Send your picture through Facebook ( or to our Monroe STOPe helpline at 423-519-1232.

Cyber Attacks Presentation

The October Health Council meeting on October 25, 2018 will be open to the public and centered around Domestic Violence and cyber attacks. There will be a proclamation presented by the County Mayor's office, and individuals will be sitting at the table in representation of their organization/businessin support of survivors of domestic violence. Join us for lunch and network for those who serve victims in Monroe County, Tn. ((Don't forget to wear purple!!))

Purple Ribbons

The display of purple throughout the community conveys a powerful message that there’s no place for domestic violence in the homes, neighborhoods, workplaces or schools of its citizens. There is a way out. There IS hope available! Monroe County has a federally funded (free to you) Victim Serving Agency and the resources available to help those in need. Knowledge is power, help us spread the word about the help that is available! Show your support by hanging a purple bow on your mailbox, porch, or outside of your business. It is the desire of Monroe STOPe (Standing Together Offering Protection and Encouragement) to make it possible for any and every business, home, organization, office etc. to participate in the Paint the Town Purple Domestic Violence Awareness campaign. It is our pleasure to provide FREE purple ribbons, pins, magnets, flyers and other awareness materials to you and/or yours on request! Call Monroe STOPe at 423-519-1232 to request a ribbon or other materials today! Help us STOP Domestic Violence!

Healing Art Painting Class

On October 26, 2018 at 6pm Monroe STOPe will be hosting a FREE painting class for survivors and supporters of those affected by domestic violence. This project is intended to provide an opportunity for victims and their support systems to unite and engage in a positive and beneficial art session that will leave them encouraged and inspired. Because this is a free event and spots are limited, we are asking that you bring no more than two people (including yourself) to the event. (Location of the class is TBA.) Registration is required. Register HERE:

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Social Media Campaign

Monroe STOPe will be participating in the National Domestic Violence Awareness Social Media Campaign #SurvivorSpeaks. Follow our facebook ( to learn more or join the movement!