Runner Registration


Runner Registration


Registration Information Runners and Teams

All runners will receive a

  1. Finisher’s Tags
  2. *T-shirt 

After Oct. 15th, registration will increase by $5 to permit for shipping of your T-Shirt. 

Registration Begins at 10am. Run starts at 1pm. 

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING -.  Runners will be given 3 flags prior to their run, which zombies will attempt to take. These flags represent the Heart, Brains, and Entrails of the Runner. If you still have at least one flag at the end of the race, you will be considered a Survivor, given a SURVIVOR tag and be published as the Survivors of our race. If you do not, you will be INFECTED!! There will be numerous ways to earn additional flags. Once your flags have been lost, you will run to the closest Safe Zone for the remainder of the race and be considered INFECTED or have the opportunity to purchase a “Save a Life” flag or have one purchased for you by a spectator for $5. Additional flags may be purchased prior to race.  You may not tuck your flags into your pants or significantly leave the path. 

 You may earn an additional right now!! After purchasing your runner registration, go to our Facebook page, like it, share it, and then post to our page that you have. On the day of the event, we will issue you an additional flag. 

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